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Ukrainian music winning hearts of Europeans, with inspiring SHAKE ZERO as a sponsor of the Voice of Ukraine-13


The largest music project, the Voice of Ukraine, is presented in Europe, with our driving SHAKE ZERO drinks being happy to support Ukrainian singers.

This weekend, we enjoyed the long-awaited opening show of the European season of the Voice of Ukraine-13. During the season, 60 different-genre vocalists will take the stage to impress the audience with their talents. Among them are Ukrainians who have been living abroad for many years and during this time presenting our culture to the whole world, as well as artists who stayed in their homeland during the full-scale russian invasion.

Among the coachers of the Voice of Ukraine-13 are one of the most popular Ukrainian singers DOROFEEVA, who has previously collaborated with SHAKE ZERO, The Hardkiss band vocalist Yuliia Sanina, singer and songwriter Artem Pivovarov, producer and co-founder of the ENKO label Ivan Klymenko. Under the new rules, this year’s coaching teams will include ten singers who are to become real ambassadors of Ukrainian music in Europe.

We are happy to support this outstanding and bright event and be part of the initiative that promotes Ukrainian music around the world.

So, enjoy your favourite SHAKE ZERO drinks and watch the Voice of Ukraine-13 show on 1+1 Ukraine channel every Sunday at 9:00 p.m.!

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