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PIT BULL Becomes the Energy Partner of the Gladiator Challenge Moldova, the Biggest Show of the Country

PIT BULL Becomes the Energy Partner of the Gladiator Challenge Moldova, the Biggest Show of the Country

Pit BULL energy drink is widely represented in Moldova and has already won the hearts of its consumers.

Therefore, we have decided to support this large-scale event appealing to our target audience, to further increase brand loyalty.

PIT BULL has become the energy partner of the Gladiator Challenge Moldova, which will be held on October 28–29 in Chisinau. 100 athletes of different weight and age categories, both young women and men, will take part in the event. Amateurs and champions in various sports will compete for the title of the ‘Strongest Person in the Country’ at the Chisinau Arena (the largest venue in the capital of Moldova).

11 sporting events with take place during these two days. Participants will be surmounting obstacles, lifting heavy weights, and taking part in other tournaments to demonstrate that they are true gladiators. After each stage, some participants will have to leave the contest, while others will have a chance to resume competing.

PIT BULL Power will be treating those present. It will invigorate and inspire them so that they can cheer for their favourites as hard and emotional as possible!

Apart from the offline audience, thousands of online viewers will be watching the event, and they will also vote for their favourite athletes and influence the outcome of the contest.

We believe that such an awesome integration will help both consolidate positive associations with PIT BULL in the audience, and increase our sales!

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