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NON STOP in the spotlight: the energy drink was presented at the India International Trade Fair 2023 in New Delhi

NON STOP in the spotlight: the energy drink was presented at the India International Trade Fair 2023 in New Delhi

New Products Group presented NON STOP at the India International Trade Fair 2023 held in New Delhi.

India International Trade Fair 2023 is one of the largest trade events in the world with almost 40 years of history. The exhibition combines traditional Indian products and innovations from all over the world.

This year, the event, which was held for almost two weeks (from November 14th to 27th), brought together more than three thousand exhibitors from all over the globe, B2B and B2C sector representatives, trade professionals, manufacturers, and Indian government officials.

The representatives of New Products Group tasted NON STOP Original and received a lot of positive feedback on the taste and functional properties of the drink. NON STOP is already actively represented in one of the largest cities in India – Mumbai, in the state of Haryana, known all over the world for its industry, as well as in the state of Gujarat – the mecca of tourism and innovation. The future plans – to expand our presence in other Indian regions as well!

NON STOP is an energy drink for those people for whom 24 hours a day are barely enough, who are busy with active work or study during the day, and also strive to attend interesting events in the evening. Due to the increased content of caffeine and taurine in combination with the vitamin complex, NON STOP quickly gives a tangible surge of strength and energy, increases physical endurance and mental activity, reduces fatigue and improves emotional state.

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