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Luxembourg, Luxembourg feat. REVO is on Netflix now

Luxembourg, Luxembourg feat. REVO is on Netflix now

You can watch now Luxembourg, Luxembourg film featuring a REVO drink from anywhere in the world on the Netflix streaming platform.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg is a film made by young and talented director, representative of the “Ukrainian young wave” Antonio Lukich. The highlight of the film is members of Kurgan and Agregat band Amil and Ramil Nasirov starring, and featured REVO energy drink demonstrating its popularity among young people. We are very happy that such great projects are aware about our brands and make them objects of their art!

The film explores the lifelong problem of the relationship between children and parents. It is about twin brothers Vasyl and Mykola from the town of Lubny in Poltava Oblast. In the turbulent 1990s, they were growing up without a father. Being already adult, they found out that he had been living in Luxembourg and was seriously ill. They set off on a long journey to see him, perhaps for the last time.

Throughout the film events, the main characters try to understand the intricacies of life, with their father as an example, while one of the brothers considers him a hero, and the other despises him for being a crime boss.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg was listed on the Orizzonti competition programme of the Venice Film Festival in autumn 2022. Antonio Lukich also won the Best Director award at the 20th Monte Carlo International Film Festival.

REVO is the first ready-to-drink alcohol and energy cocktail in Ukraine. This cocktail brings together natural juices, caffeine and a vitamin complex, natural guarana and damiana extracts.

REVO creates bright and fascinating stories our audience loves so much. So, in 2020, on the occasion of the release of the first limited version of the Revo Love Is drink, New Products Group in collaboration with ODDEE Agency created the minifilm Love in Uniform, a parody of the crime series of the 1990s.

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